Introduction to Facilitated Dialogue

By Indy Hall (other events)

Thursday, January 30 2020 6:00 PM 8:30 PM EST

This event is a facilitated dialogue in which participators will examine something about human society. It will be facilitated by Sarah Chelius from World In Conversation (WinC), a Center for True Public Diplomacy. (You can read about the organization and its methodology here:

The intention of the dialogue is for participators to think together across borders. Any social issue can become the topic of the dialogue--it just depends on what emerges from the group that attends. Part of the philosophy of WinC is that humans cannot actually think together about complex social issues if we cannot first see something about where each other is positioned in the social world. As such, the dialogue begins not with a topic, but with a prompt that is intended to access something about the “sociological address” of each person in the conversation. 

In this dialogue, you will have the opportunity to experience directly the specific role a facilitator plays in a dialogue. You will also have the opportunity to consider the factors that differentiate facilitated dialogue from other conversational spaces.


5:45-6:00: People arrive    

6:00-6:15: Welcome and Expectations

6:15-7:30: Dialogue

7:30-8:00: Q&A and Other Lingering Conversation

To get the most out of the workshop, we need 4 - 10 participants. (If less than 4 participants get tickets by Tuesday, January 28, we will seek to reschedule based on their future availability)

Tickets are free, but we encourage you to make the suggested donation of $15 that will go into the Indy Hall Scholarship Fund.

It isn't a secret that being a part of this community has positively impacted many peoples lives and careers in so many ways, big and small. It’s also not a secret that these experiences, resources, and finding a home in such a vibrant community have been locked away on the other side of a paywall. Indy Hall will match every donation to the Scholarship Fund dollar to dollar. 

Questions about the event or Indy Hall? Email Anaia at [email protected]