Indy Hall's Winterfest Takeover!

By Indy Hall (other events)

Thursday, February 1 2018 6:00 PM 9:00 PM EST

Hey look, winter isn't all bad, there are lots of ways for us to enjoy the cold season. After all, hot cider cocktails and ice skating just aren't so fun in the summertime. Let's celebrate winter the best way we know how: together. 

One Thursday, February 1st, Indy Hall is taking over Winterfest!

We can cozy up in a great big warm lodge, share drinks and laughs with fellow community members, introduce each other to friends and family from outside the community and have an all-around awesome time in a gorgeous, public park right next to Indy Hall. 

The RiverRink is a really special place when you have people to share it with so I hope you'll be there to share it with us.

From 6pm to 9pm, we'll enjoy:

  • half of the Winterfest Lodge just for our group
  • Happy Hour drink prices ($2 off drinks)
  • discounted ice skating
  • the hysterical spectacle of watching Adam learn how to ice skate
  • the warmth and company of fellow Indy Hall members
  • the hysterical spectacle of loading Adam into an ambulance

P.S. Bring your friends and family! 

P.P.S. This event is free! Drinks, food and ice-skating cost money, but entrance to the Winterfest Lodge is totally free.