Remote in Philly Holiday party

By Indy Hall (other events)

Tuesday, December 10 2019 6:00 PM 9:00 PM EDT

A Holiday Party for Remote Workers in Philly

Remote work doesn't need to be lonely this holiday season. Remote in Philly's First gathering is coming this December 10th from 6-9pm at Sidecar Bar and Grille (22nd and Christian St)!

Grab your tickets and join us at Sidecar Bar & Grille for an evening of fun and festivities, food and drinks (including veggie/vegan food + zero-proof drinks). 

Due to this venue, this event is 21+ only. Sorry! 

Our hope is that this fun, friendly, and inclusive gathering will help us all learn who is working remote in Philly, including who is remotely employing Philadelphians!

Limited early tickets are avaialble at a discount, and overall tickets are limited to keep this event feeling intimate instead of overwhelming. 

Note: you do NOT need to work in tech to be a part of this community! Remote work includes so many industries now. If you work remote full time or even part time (e.g. your company has a remote work policy once a week), you're invited to be a part of this community.

Co-organized by Pam Selle (HashiCorp) and Alex Hillman (Indy Hall).

Interested in sponsoring?
Does your company want to buy a round of drinks for the party? Email [email protected] for sponsorship details.